Discovering the Gem of Southwest Calgary: Westside Recreation Centre

Calgarians, we’ve all come to love our city for its picturesque landscapes and active lifestyle opportunities. One such gem nestled in the heart of Southwest Calgary is the Westside Recreation Centre. In this article, we’ll delve into what makes this facility special for our local residents, highlighting its amenities, programs, and how it enriches our lives.

Location and Local Perspective

You don’t have to look far to find the Westside Recreation Centre; it’s right in our backyard at 2000 69 Street SW. Spanning over a quarter-million square feet, it’s more than just a recreation center—it’s a hub of community activity that reflects our Calgary spirit.

Facility Features

For those of us who call Calgary home, Westside Recreation Centre has been a staple for staying active and enjoying quality time with family and friends. Here are some of the standout features that make it a local favorite:

  1. Aquatic Bliss: Dive into the Aquatic Centre, where a 25-meter pool, wave pool, hot tub, and water slide await. It’s the place to be for family fun or lap swimming.
  2. Fitness Oasis: The Fitness Centre boasts top-notch equipment, ensuring we can work on our fitness goals with ease. From cardio machines to free weights, it has it all.
  3. Indoor Track: As Calgarians, we know how important it is to stay active year-round. Westside’s 200-meter indoor track lets us keep moving, even when winter is at its harshest.
  4. Ice Arenas: Hockey fans, figure skaters, and anyone who loves ice sports gather here. With two NHL-sized arenas, it’s a home away from home for our local teams.
  5. Climbing Adventure: The climbing wall beckons adventure-seekers, offering challenges for all skill levels. It’s a spot to conquer our fears and have a blast doing it.
  6. Sports Galore: From basketball to volleyball to badminton, our indoor courts provide the space for friendly competitions and recreational games.
  7. Child-Friendly: For parents among us, Westside offers childcare services, ensuring a secure environment for our kids while we enjoy our workouts.

Programs and Classes

Westside Recreation Centre isn’t just about the facilities; it’s about community and growth. Our local residents have access to a plethora of programs and classes:

Membership and Access

As Calgary locals, we’re in for a treat with Westside Recreation Centre’s membership options, which offer discounted rates on activities and classes. For those who prefer occasional visits, day passes are available too.


For us, Calgarians, Westside Recreation Centre is more than just a facility; it’s a cornerstone of our active lifestyle and sense of community. Its modern amenities, diverse programs, and unwavering commitment to promoting wellness make it an integral part of our lives. Whether you’re a long-time local or a recent arrival, be sure to keep Westside Recreation Centre on your list of must-visit spots in our beloved city of Calgary. It’s a testament to our active and vibrant way of life that we cherish dearly.


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