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Britannia, a distinguished neighbourhood in Calgary’s inner-city, is a harmonious blend of luxury and community spirit. With 906 residents, it has a median age of 52 and boasts an impressive average individual income of $544,359, reflecting its affluent status. Britannia is particularly appealing to families and professionals, offering a lifestyle that combines urban convenience with suburban tranquility. The neighbourhood stands out for its scenic beauty, architectural elegance, and a rich sense of community, making it one of Calgary’s most desirable areas to live.


The history of Britannia is deeply rooted in the land’s original inhabitants, the Tsuu T’ina Nation. This rich heritage laid the foundation for a community that values its past while embracing the future. The first European settlers arrived in the late 1800s, and Britannia was officially established in 1910, evolving from a rural area into a coveted urban neighbourhood. Over the decades, Britannia has transformed into a premier Calgary neighbourhood, known for its picturesque streetscapes and a deep sense of community. This transformation is a testament to Britannia’s ability to adapt and grow while maintaining its unique character.


Britannia, Calgary, the real estate landscape stands as a beacon of luxury and architectural diversity. This prestigious neighbourhood is known for its wide range of home styles, from elegantly preserved mid-century designs to contemporary custom-built residences. A unique aspect of Britannia’s real estate is the historic “Britannia Caveat,” established in the mid-20th century. This caveat has played a crucial role in shaping the neighbourhood’s character. It includes specific provisions that dictate generous property setbacks, ensuring a lush, green environment, and maintaining higher privacy standards. Additionally, the caveat places limitations on the height of homes bordering the ridge and restricts certain types of property modifications and uses, such as secondary suites and commercial activities within residential areas. The Elboya-Britannia Community Association strives to continuously encourage compliance on the matter, in addition to the legalities of it described below.

This legal framework is more than just a set of rules; it’s a commitment to preserving the unique character and charm of Britannia. It ensures that the neighbourhood retains its distinctive aesthetic and community-focused spirit, distinguishing it from other areas. The result is a real estate market that not only offers luxury and beauty but also a deep sense of community and a commitment to maintaining a harmonious environment.


Britannia, nestled in Calgary’s southwest, is renowned for its luxurious real estate market, which extends into the neighbouring communities of Elbow Park, Bel-Aire and Upper Mount Royal. These areas collectively represent the pinnacle of high-end living in Calgary. In Britannia, homes range from $1 million to over $6 million, with ridge-backing lots valued at around $2 million. The median sales price of $1.75 million highlights the exclusivity of the market with only a handful of sales occurring each year.

Britannia Real Estate Market Report


Britannia’s demographic profile is a rich tapestry that adds depth and vibrancy to the neighbourhood. With a population of 906 and a median age of 52, the area is home to a blend of mature residents and young families, contributing to a dynamic and diverse community. The impressive average individual income of $544,359 in Britannia speaks to the affluence of its residents, attracting professionals and families who value a high standard of living.

The community lifestyle in Britannia is characterized by its culture of engagement and participation. Residents take pride in their neighbourhood, actively contributing to its upkeep and community spirit. This participation is reflected in well-maintained public spaces, active community associations, and regular social events that foster a strong sense of belonging. Britannia’s affluence is matched by its warmth and inclusivity, making it not just a place to live, but a community to be a part of.


Britannia offers its residents a rich array of recreational opportunities, epitomized by the beautiful Stanley Park. This park is a jewel in the area, offering lush greenery, walking paths, and ample space for a variety of outdoor activities. Whether it’s picnicking, jogging, or simply enjoying nature, Stanley Park provides an urban oasis for relaxation and leisure.

Complementing this is the Lansdowne/Britannia Off-Leash Dog Park atop the prestigious Britannia ridge, a popular spot for pet owners. This park not only serves as a recreational space for dogs to play and socialize but also acts as a community gathering point, strengthening the bonds among residents.

Britannia Real Estate

Overview of Brittannia Real Estate


Britannia is not just a haven for luxury living but also a destination for culinary enthusiasts. The neighbourhood boasts a variety of dining options, each contributing to its unique gastronomic landscape. Native Tongues Taqueria stands out as a favourite, offering an authentic taste of Mexican cuisine in a vibrant and stylish setting. For those with a sweet tooth, Village Ice Cream provides a delightful array of flavours, making it a popular spot for families and dessert lovers.

Adding to the café culture of Britannia is Monogram Coffee, a cozy and sophisticated coffee shop known for its high-quality brews and inviting atmosphere. These establishments are more than just places to eat and drink; they are integral parts of the community, providing gathering spaces for residents and enhancing the neighbourhood’s vibrant lifestyle.

Native Tongles



The Glencoe Club stands as a centrepiece of Calgary’s luxury inner-city communities. Located just north in Upper Mount Royal, the club commands an esteemed presence with yearly admissions now reaching $65,000. It serves not only as a premier destination for a range of sports facilities but also as a social hub, deeply integrated into the fabric of Calgary’s affluent neighbourhoods. The club’s exclusivity and array of amenities make it a sought-after destination for residents who value luxury, wellness, and community engagement.


The Calgary Golf & Country Club, nestled within the Britannia community, offers a premier golfing experience unlike any other in the area. Renowned for its meticulously maintained course, the club provides stunning cityscape views, making it a golfer’s paradise. But the club’s allure extends beyond just the sport; it is a vibrant social hub, where members of the community gather, socialize, and engage in a variety of activities. The Calgary Golf & Country Golf Club is more than just a recreational facility; it is a cornerstone of community life in Britannia.

The Calgary Golf & Country Club


For residents of Britannia, the close proximity to essential healthcare services is a key factor in their decision to make this neighbourhood their long-term home. With a population that values longevity and quality of life, the accessibility to facilities like the Rockyview General Hospital, though not within Britannia itself, becomes increasingly important. This convenience in healthcare access ensures that Britannia remains a desirable place for its residents to continue living for years to come, offering both peace of mind and a commitment to health and well-being.


Elementary Education

For the youngest learners, Britannia offers access to quality elementary education. The public Colonel Macleod Elementary School is a prominent institution that caters to the foundational educational needs of children in the community, fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Middle School Education

As children progress to middle school, John Ware Junior High School serves as a key institution. This school provides an environment where students can continue their educational journey, focusing on both academic growth and personal development.

High School Education

For high school education, Western Canada High School is a top public choice, known for its strong academic programs and diverse extracurricular activities. In addition to this, families in Britannia also have the option of prestigious private schools like Webber Academy, catering to K-12, and Rundle College Junior & Senior High School, offering specialized programs and a focus on holistic education in the communities of Aspen Woods and Springbank Hill in Calgary’s Upper Westside.


Britannia’s future is closely intertwined with two significant urban developments: the new Rivers Centre and the expansion of the BMO Centre. The Rivers Centre, set to become the new arena for the Calgary Flames, symbolizes a new era in Calgary’s sports and entertainment scene, bringing a fresh wave of energy and vibrancy to the area.

Adding to this dynamic is the significant expansion of the BMO Centre, Calgary’s largest convention centre located in Stampede Park. This expansion is set to transform the BMO Centre into an even more versatile and comprehensive venue for a wide array of events, from large-scale conventions to special events and trade shows. The expanded facility will enhance its role in Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District, offering increased opportunities for cultural engagement and entertainment right at Britannia’s doorstep.

These developments are expected to accelerate the transformation of Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District, positively impacting neighbourhoods like Britannia. The economic and cultural growth spurred by these projects will further solidify Britannia’s status as a top neighbourhood in Calgary, enriching the urban living experience for its residents.

enriched the urban living experience

enriching the urban living experience for its residents



Britannia is widely recognized as the most exclusive neighbourhood in Calgary, a symbol of unparalleled luxury living and cohesive community spirit. This prestigious area, renowned for its rich history and stunning homes, represents the apex of upscale urban living. In such a distinguished neighbourhood, where properties are often unique and incomparable, the expertise of a seasoned professional like Spencer Rivers is crucial. His innovative marketing techniques and global outreach are key in articulating the unique value of homes in Britannia.

Among the streets of this illustrious neighbourhood, Britannia Drive stands out as arguably the most sought-after street in Calgary to live on. It epitomizes the prestige and exclusivity that define Britannia, lined with exquisite homes that offer both luxury and a unique sense of belonging.

Britannia’s exclusivity, characterized by its distinct properties and elite status, demands the highest level of professionalism and skill in real estate representation. Spencer Rivers, with his adept understanding of the market and innovative approach, rises to this challenge, ensuring that each property’s unique value is recognized and appreciated by a global audience.

As a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, Britannia continues to be the coveted destination for those seeking an extraordinary living experience, combining elegance, history, and a vibrant community life in one of Calgary’s most distinguished neighbourhoods.

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