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In the heart of Calgary, amidst its vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes, the luxury real estate market flourishes with some of the most sophisticated and elegant condos in North America. From the serene riverside to the bustling urban centers, these condos offer a fusion of luxury, comfort, and unparalleled amenities. Here’s a detailed look at the top luxury condos in Calgary, each a symbol of high-end living.

1. Le Germain Residences

  • Developer: Le Germain Group
  • Unit Size Range: 1,000 to 2,200 sq ft
  • Year Built: 2010
  • Neighbourhood: Downtown Commercial Core
  • 108 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3H9
  • Price per square foot: $800-1000

Nestled above the sophisticated Le Germain Hotel, the Residences offer seamless access to hotel luxuries including room service, a full-service spa, and a concierge. The units boast elegant interiors with custom cabinetry and expansive windows, providing panoramic views of the bustling cityscape—ideal for those who revel in cosmopolitan living.

2. The Concord

  • Developer: Concord Pacific
  • Unit Size Range: 1,200 to 4,500 sq ft
  • Year Built: 2018
  • Neighbourhood: Eau Claire
  • 738 1 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5G8
  • Price per square foot: $730-1500

The Concord is a bastion of luxury with its flood-resistant foundation and exclusive amenities such as a private ice-skating rink and a grand ballroom. High-end finishes like Italian marble and state-of-the-art appliances make each condo a sanctuary of sophistication.

3. Arris

Arris is a beacon of modern architecture, situated in the cultural heartbeat of East Village. The building features a rooftop terrace, luxury retail, and dining at ground level, making it a prime choice for those who seek a dynamic and stylish urban lifestyle.

4. The River

  • Developer: 26th Avenue River Investments Inc.
  • Unit Size Range: 1,400 to 5,600 sq ft
  • Year Built: 2015
  • Neighbourhood: Mission
  • 135 26 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0M2
  • Price per square foot: $930-1000

The River offers an exclusive riverside setting with sprawling units that set a new standard for luxury. It combines privacy with plush amenities, including a riverside terrace and a fitness center, encapsulating the essence of serene, upscale living.

5. Ezra on Riley Park

  • Developer: Birchwood Properties
  • Unit Size Range: 700 to 2,300 sq ft
  • Year Built: 2017
  • Neighbourhood: Hillhurst
  • 1234 5 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0R9
  • Price per square foot: $400-1200

Overlooking the tranquil Riley Park, Ezra offers a unique blend of sustainability and style. The condos feature spacious, light-filled rooms with modern finishes, a fitness center, and a social lounge, appealing to those who desire a balance between nature and urbanity.

6. Princeton Grand

As one of the most prestigious addresses in Calgary, Princeton Grand offers expansive residences with luxurious finishes. Residents enjoy 24-hour concierge services, a wine cellar, and stunning riverfront views, defining elite living.

7. Avli on Atlantic

  • Developer: Greenview Developments
  • Unit Size Range: 545 to 2,200 sq ft
  • Year Built: 2019
  • Neighbourhood: Inglewood
  • 1020 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0S7
  • Price per square foot: $615-850

Avli on Atlantic merges cutting-edge design with smart-home technology in Calgary’s historic Inglewood. Its amenities include a rooftop terrace and a fitness studio, crafted for those who appreciate innovation and community.

8. Waterfront Residences

Located on the edge of the Bow River, Waterfront Residences provide a serene setting with modern comforts. The development includes a fitness center, spa facilities, and easy access to Calgary’s extensive pathway system.

9. The Montana

The Montana offers a touch of classic elegance in Calgary’s vibrant Beltline. Known for its unobstructed views and high security, it boasts amenities such as a fitness center and conference rooms, catering to both personal well-being and professional needs.


Each of these condos provides a distinct living experience, designed to cater to the various facets of luxury living in Calgary. Whether you are drawn to the buzzing streets of Downtown or the peaceful parks of Hillhurst, these condos offer the pinnacle of luxury and are sure to exceed expectations. Explore these residences further by visiting  Luxury Homes Calgary or scheduling a viewing to discover your perfect luxury condo in Calgary.

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